66 Political Action (PAC)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Heartland Public Comment, Let Your Voice be Heard. All members are encouraged to submit a comment on the Town of Islip website as well as attend the public hearing meetings 
We would like to inform you that a public comment form has been posted on the Town of Islip website. Comments will be accepted on the Islip Town page until April 25, 2017 at 5:00 pm.
We need every member to submit their comments. You do not need to be an Islip Town resident to comment, but we especially need our Local 66 members who are Islip Residents to fill out the form and voice your concerns about the Heartland Project. Our message is a simple one: 
  • We want this project to be built with NYS Apprenticeship Language and with a graduation requirement.
  • We want this project to be built with Skilled Union Labor provided through the Nassau/ Suffolk Building Trades.
  • We want this project to be built with Local hire requirements.
  • We want the Islip Town Board to adopt the conditions put forth by the Suffolk Planning Commission.
We are also encouraging our Apprentices, either current or graduates, to express their thoughts on how apprenticeships have improved their life. The more personal the better. Again it's pretty simple, No UNION! No Standards! No Heartland!