PLAs On All SUNY Campuses Across NYS

This week Laborers Local 66 - Long Island made history when the New York State Legislature, along with Governor Kathy Hochul, signed into law the Laborer's landmark legislation to create a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) on construction projects at every SUNY campus across New York State!!!
The exploitation of workers, and the use of our taxpayer dollars by criminal contractors to skirt prevailing wage laws, is coming to an end on SUNY campuses. This statewide initiative began at Laborers Local 66, and was led by Laborers Local 66. In 2021, former Business Agent Joe Montalbano, then Organizer Anthony Speziale and then LECET representative Vinny Alu rallied the building trades from across Long Island to protest the deterioration of labor standards at Stony Brook and other campuses, making a commitment to bring a Project Labor Agreement to fruition. This week we did it!!!
Over the last three years the Laborers were joined by other trades in Albany to push for this much needed protection for the local workforce. Thank you to all of the Local 66 members and our Political Coordinator Josh Slaughter for their many trips to Albany. Our voices were heard!!
Union labor proudly built our Long Island SUNY campuses for decades, including SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Farmingdale and SUNY Old Westbury. Beginning in January 2025, all construction over $10 million must be built with local union labor from Long Island once again.
SUNY is slated to spend billions of dollars renovating and expanding its campuses over the next decade, and the men and women of Laborers Local 66 stand ready to meet that challenge. Thank you to all of our New York State Assembly members and Senators, and to Governor Hochul for making this a reality. 
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