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• The proposed limited service Marriott Residence Inn will bring a modern, upscale hospitality option to the Jericho community where none currently exists.

• The hotel is proposed to include only 93 rooms.

• The Marriott Residence Inn will be a limited service offering with no restaurant, meeting, banquet or event space.

• The hotel will be a safe and secure space, professionally managed with consistent on-premises security.

• Hotel guests will primarily be attendees of events at the Milleridge Inn and the business and family guests of the Jericho community.

• The Marriott Residence Inn has undergone a recent rebranding effort, delivering its guests a sophisticated experience, modern amenities and upscale architecture and décor.

• The project is crucial to ensuring the long-term success of the Milleridge Inn, Milleridge Cottage, and Milleridge Retail Village operations, as well as filling a hospitality void for the larger Jericho community.

• The hotel will have a positive economic effect on the Jericho School District and on property taxes overall. The hotel project is supported by the Jericho School District.

• Once built, it is estimated that the hotel alone will pay over $12 million in property taxes and payments to the Jericho School District, Town of Oyster Bay, and Nassau County over the next 20 years. These tax payments come without ANY additional burden to the School District.

• The hotel project represents an investment by the project team of over $22 million into the Jericho community.

• The hotel project is anticipated to create more than 120 construction jobs and more than 30
permanent jobs.

• The hotel will be located on a vacant, paved and underutilized portion of the parking lot adjacent to the Milleridge Cottage building.

• A 3-story building is proposed (reduced from the original 4-story proposal) with only 93 hotel rooms. The project meets all dimensional regulations for height, setbacks, lot coverage, and landscaping.

• The site grade will be lowered by approximately one full story, allowing the hotel to appear as a 2-story structure from offsite. Visual impacts will be further mitigated through extensive landscaped buffering between adjacent properties.

• The will be NO vehicle access to the hotel from Merry Lane. The site plan creates flexibility to either maintain or close the existing pedestrian path.

• Parking adequacy has been comprehensively studied by the applicant’s professional traffic engineers and reviewed independently by the Town.

• A complete parking management plan, including valet parking, is proposed to ensure optimal and efficient use of the entire Milleridge Inn – Jericho Commons parking lots. Notably, peak parking hours occur at different times for the hotel, Milleridge Inn, office and retail components of the property.

• There will be NO parking on community streets as a result of the hotel project. ALL parking from the Milleridge Inn – Jericho Commons property will be contained onsite.

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